Youth and Christian Education Update

Before announcing our fall lineup, I want to thank Marie McEntire for the love and dedication she put into providing our children with craft activities during lunchtime this summer, and to thank Reader George Abuelkhair for his assistance with that!

Looking ahead, I am also excited to announce a full schedule of children's ministries starting back up in September:

Sunday School - This year the parish Sunday School will consist of two classes, with grades preK through 2nd taught by Marie McEntire and teaching assistant Reader George, and grades 3rd and up taught by Zoe Turton and teaching assistant Ron Lehman. Children will meet quietly at the back of the church after communion and will depart for class once the chalice is back in the altar, with classes lasting approximately 30 minutes to facilitate the children returning to the church for the veneration of the cross. (If craft time is interrupted for veneration of the cross, the children will be able to continue crafts in the hall during lunchtime.) Classes will commence on Sunday September 15. The full Sunday School schedule and syllabi will be distributed to parents with the Sunday School registration forms, which parents will be asked to return as soon as possible to Marie McEntire or myself. For more information, please contact Marie McEntire.

Saturday School - The Saturday School will continue its longstanding tradition of quality instruction in Russian language, literature, and culture as well as religious instruction for children ages 3-16. Instruction is conducted exclusively in Russian, but the school welcomes and encourages participation by children at all levels of language competency. The Saturday School will conduct registration on Aug 24, Aug 31, and Sep 7 with classes beginning in conjunction with registration on Sep 7. For more information, please contact Irina Usova.

Cathedral Children's Chorus (C3) - This year, the children's choir will continue to sing during our divine services and to participate in choral performances at our parish and around the Greater Los Angeles Area. Children ages 5-17 are welcome, with repertoire in English, Russian, and Church Slavonic, and with rehearsals conducted primarily in English. C3 will rehearse from 3:00-4:00pm on Saturdays after Saturday School, beginning on September 7. For more information, please contact Zoe Turton.

Little Sisterhood - This year, the Little Sisterhood will continue to give the girls in our parish an opportunity to serve in a formal way during Liturgy via helping with collection, the distribution of service texts, ushering, and various other duties. If your daughter would like to be in the Little Sisterhood, please contact Katya Solovskaya.

Altar Servers - Boys ages 5 and up who demonstrate maturity and reverence for the Divine Services are welcome to serve in the altar during Liturgy. If your son would like to be involved in the altar server ministry, please contact Subdeacon Andrey Aristov.

For all children's ministries, in addition to the contacts referenced above, you can always reach out to me in person or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and I will try to connect you to the appropriate person to help with your inquiry or request! I look forward to seeing and working with all of you parents and with your amazing children in the year to come!

Zoe Turton
Youth Program Coordinator


Marie McEntire, Coordinator