December 2019

Dear parishioners, please remember that December 1st we have a Parish fundraiser concert, the Vesna Folk Ensemble, at 1:30 pm. We need your support; please reserve your tickets - seating is limited. And on December 15th we have our annual Christmas bazaar and bake sale. If you have Christmas items to donate please contact Tanya Timohovich 818-248-4434. For bake goods contact Matushka Tatiana or Josephine Lazarides 818-406-3875.We are now ready to close our exhibit of scenic photographs of churches and monasteries which were  taken all over the United States, Georgia, and other countries by our friends from Russia. They are ready to be sold for $60 donation - part of the funds will go to our church.

   Starosta Alla Bobrov

October 2018

   Dear parishioners, I appeal to you with a big request. Our panikhida room is in need of repair. In memory of your deceased, relatives and friends, we will be grateful for any financial assistance.

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February 2018

Dear Parishioners! From our Rector’s report you will learn how many extremely necessary projects were accomplished in 2017.

We are moving steadily towards our Parish Centennial. Our Temple and our buildings are in need of major repairs. The Fundraising Committee is planning various events in order to help with extensive expenses, please support our effort. Volunteers are always welcome, do not hesitate to offer your help.

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January 2018

I am inviting all members of our parish to the annual meeting to be held on Sunday February 4th, 2018.
It is impotant that we all take an active part discussing and approving the proposed 2018 budget and electing new members to the Parish Council. You will be able to make suggestions and recommendations of ways to help our Church. Your involvement and commitment are very much needed.

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December 2017

Dear parishioners, I would like to let you know that the dead tree in the church front yard was cut down as it was old and about to fall down. 

Alla Bobrov


October 2017

I'm inviting everyone to attend this year's Semi-annual meeting to be held on Sunday October 15th. Please note, you don’t have to be a dues paying member, you are all welcome!

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August 2017

Dear parishioners, once again I greet you in the position of Starosta.
We all love our historic Temple and we all worry about its future. My predecessor Leonid Gregory and many other parishioners who passed away (reposed), such as Boris Shalygin, my late husband Subdeacon Eugene Bobrov, Irene Leonov, Zoya Wagner, Matushka Margarita Romanovna Gizetti and others, spent much of their free time for the benefit of decoration and repairs in our Temple.

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July 2017

   Thank you Fr. Nazari and members of the Parish Council to putting your trust in me. It is not easy for me to step into this position. Dear parishioners, I will be counting on your continuous help and support.

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May - June 2017

I would like to thank everyone who wished me their best wishes on the occasion of my 95th Birthday.

A special thanks is extended to Fr. Nazari for giving me such a beautiful icon, and also his Eminence Archbishop Benjamin who gave me a "Gramota".  Both gifts were a total surprise to me and I was really touched when they were awarded to me in Church. 

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March 2017

I would like to express my thanks to those who participated  in our Feast Day activities.  We were fortunate and blessed with good  weather.  The catered luncheon was excellent and enjoyed by all who attended. 

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