We are going to clean the Church on Tuesday, September 12,  at 9:30 am so that it won't be such a  tremendous job when we clean before Christmas. We are planning to shampoo the chairs, dust the icons, vacuum the rugs and clean the candle stands.

We are asking again that those of you who purchase candles NOT to melt the bottoms before inserting them on the stands.  It is very difficult to scrape and dig the wax out of the holders. All our candle stands have various size holders to accommodate the candles. This will make the task easier for those who clean the stands frequently. Lunch will be served, so please come out and lend us a hand.  We need both men and women to help us.

We would like to thank Valentina Shmonina who cleans the candle stands weekly after Liturgy.  We are grateful for her work in the Church.

                                                                         Irene Gregory