Sisterhood news 

Time seems to fly by so quickly!  Christmas is just around the corner. Please set aside Tuesday, December 10th for the cleaning of the Church, at 9:30 am.   We can use everyone's help even if you can only donate an hour or two of your time for that day. Dusting, removing wax from the candle stands,  polishing the woodwork, cleaning the altar pieces, vacuuming the rugs, etc. is scheduled.  Lunch will be served.  The Sisterhood will have a meeting on December 8th, following the lunch buffet to discuss the celebration of the Nativity Feast.  All ladies are invited. After the Nativity Eve Vigil we will serve traditional kutia,  compote, cookies, coffee, tea and wine.  Everyone is welcome to join us in the Parish Hall.  This will be celebrated on both the New and Old Calendars. 


         Irene Gregory