Open on Sundays after both Liturgies, or by appointment (Mon-Sat 10am-4pm)

The Holy Virgin Mary Cathedral "KIOSK" Bookstore is one of the largest Orthodox bookstores on the West Coast. The Kiosk has a large selection of books (both in English and Russian), crosses, icons, tapes, and CDs and other religious items for sale. The book store is open on Sundays after the Divine Liturgy and by appointment. Appointments may be made through the parish office (323) 666‑4977. Sorry, no mail orders or credit cards accepted.

In English we have books on:

  • Church History
  • The Church in Russia
  • Writing of the Church Fathers (Patristics)
  • The Church Year (including materials for Great Lent, Nativity Lent, Paschal Season, Pentecost)
  • Iconography/Iconology (including some large format books of icon prints in full color)
  • Scripture Commentaries
  • Bibles
  • Orthodox Theology
  • Catechisms
  • The Holy Mysteries (Sacraments) of Baptism, Confession, Marriage
  • The Liturgical Services - Prayerbooks, Psalters, The Octoechos, Horologions, explanations of all aspects of the daily, weekly and yearly cycle of the liturgical life of the Church
  • The Orthodox Life
  • Philosophical and Ethical issues including
  • Bioethics, Ecology, Religion and Health; Suffering, Grief and Dying, Pastoral Care Mission
  • Ecumenical issues
  • Women in the Church
  • Orthodox Monasticism
  • Lives and Sayings of the Desert Fathers
  • Prayer
  • The Philokalia
  • Lives of the Saints (both anthologies and individual saints)
  • Reading to Nourish the Spiritual Life
  • Lenten and Ethnic Cookbooks
  • Children Books including
  • Prayerbooks, Bible Stories, coloring books, Lives of the Saints, Russian Folk Stories in English, good "Bedtime Stories", stickerbooks

In Russian we have:

  • Prayerbooks (Slavonic and Russian)
  • Bibles
  • Church Service books
  • Philokalia
  • St. Theophan the Recluse (works of)
  • St. Ephrem the Syrian
  • Children's books
  • Explanation of the Divine Liturgy, The Liturgical Life, Confession
  • Lives of the Saints
  • Catechisms - The Law of God
  • Spiritual Writings
  • Brochures
  • Church stories from classical literature
  • Church music CDs from Russia in Church Slavonic

And many more (around 3000 titles)
- all on Orthodoxy

Icons & prints

Icons of Christ, the Theotokos (Mother of God), Major Feasts, Days of the Church, Angels, and favorite Saints - a sample would be St. Seraphim, St. Nicholas, St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, Greatmartyr George, Blessed Xenia, St. Mary Magdalene, SS. Irene, Barbara, Sergius of Radonezh, Silouan of Athos, several of the New American Saints, icon cards, greenbriar bronze icons, dyptichs and tryptichs, medallion icons etc.


Wall crosses (both carved and iconographic), 14K gold & silver baptismal crosses, inexpensive neck crosses, children's crosses, blessing crosses (wooden iconographic).


Both, traditional and stick incense, charcoal, standing censers for home use.


Hanging and standing lampadas, oil (rose scented), wicks, wick floats, votive glass, votive candles, viking glass.

CDs & Videos

Videos and CD-ROM's, tapes and CD's of liturgical music in both English and Slavonic.

Other items

Including prayer ropes, postcards, wooden eggs, icon pins, wedding candles, and many more...

Come and visit the Kiosk Bookstore!