The Kiosk contents have been moved from the old location in the School Building to the lower level of the Hall Building. This means the Kiosk will be more accessible to you as you leave the hall and head for your car the lower parking lot!  Hopefully, more of you will drop by and see what's new! 

As of this writing, the bookshelves have been moved to the new location and are being installed.  This needs to be done before we can unpack and display the books, CD's, icons, and the many different items Fr. Nazari has brought back from both the Holy Mountain and Moscow for us, things we cannot readily procure from American vendors. 

In the meanwhile, we are open for business, and if there is something you have in mind, hopefully we can locate it for you, in spite of boxes being all over the place.  Please be patient; we will get there.  The new location will be good for easier access for everyone, and we hope more of you will Come and See!

Sister Elizabeth