July 2017

   Dear parishioners,

   Father Nazari and our warden, Alla Bobrov, have both indicated our need to make the effort to support our church financially.

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April 2017

Thank you to everyone for your financial support. YTD by 02/28/2017 we are running a loss of $14,432.23.

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January 2017

Dear parishioners,

   November financial results are:

   Income:   $18,823.13

   Expenses:  $32.604.59

   Net Loss: $13,781.46

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November 2016

Many thanks to all for their donations during this past month.  A special thanks to the fundraising committee and helpers for the successful Slavic Festival.  Between increased donations and the proceeds from the festival we had net operating income of $2,899.54 for the month of September.

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October 2016

Total Income: $14,757.08

Total Loss: $27,365.23

Net income / loss: $ 12,608.15

September 2016

Dear Parishioners,

    Our financial results for July was a net loss of $4,839.95. While any loss is bad, I am heartened, as this is an improvement over last year’s report.

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August 2016

Please continue to make your contribution and financial support to our parish, especially during the coming summer months when you might be away.  We are close to taking credit cards, you can also give through PayPal on the parish website  (www.hvmla.org).

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