In the early spring of 1981 Asya Skleminoff and Rosemary Soot spoke of forming a group to visit the elderly and sick parishioners. Several meetings were held at Matushka Lisenko's house and they found the name for this group and called it L.O.V.E.S. - Los Angeles Orthodox Visitors to the Elderly and Sick.

Volunteers came from the Orthodox Club, the Sisterhood and parishioners in general who willingly gave their time and energy to get this worthwhile group started.

The group's membership is not large - and the time span since its inception is not long - but its accomplishments are significant. To date, they have purchased a new mini-bus to transport the elderly parishioners to church on Sunday and they also purchased tape recorders and recordings were made of the Divine Liturgy to give to the elderly who are shut-ins.

The one thing, which no fund raiser can accomplish, and that is the Gift of Time... to VISIT those who are alone and ill and elderly, residing in convalescent homes, hospitals snd retirement hotels, especially during Pascha and Christmas.

OUR AIM: To provide needed assistance to those members of the Orthodox Faith who, by reason of being infirm or incapacitated due to age or illness, are unable to move about as they please. This assistance shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

  1. Visiting the elderly and sick at their residence;
  2. Supply transportation to and from the Orthodox Church services of their choosing for those able to travel with reasonable assistance and within a reasonable distance;
  3. Provide dinners, special Church services, gifts, etc., as may reasonably be done for special occasions.

If you or someone you know cannot come to our church due to immobility issues, let us know!

Marina Burgmeier, President